Solar thermal panels exploit sun power to provide the necessary hot water and heating.

Through a properly located plant it is possible to satisfy entirely the need of hot water for summer months.

Combining a boiler into the system, it is possible to obviate the need of heat during winter months.



 Remarkable savings on the electricity bill

 Free hot water all year long

 Extremely long system life cylcle

 Quick repayment plan

 50% IRPEF deduction

 Increased building value

 Clean energy investment



 On-site practical verification by our staff;

 Free of charge, ad hoc budget estimate and business plan (payback period);

 Financial consultancy;

 Design and planning;

 Eventual additional construction work (asbestos removal, eave replacement, etc.. );

 Plant installation and connection;

 Bureaucracy duties management (local authorities permissions, etc.. );

 Daily remote control of plant correct functioning;

 Eventual maintenance agreed on with the client;

 After sale assistance



 Use of CE-standards recognized materials

 10-year warranty on substitution for broken or defective modules